• caleb_williams_penguin_classic

    Caleb Williams

    William Godwin, 2005 (1794)

    William Godwin was not only the husband of Mary Wollstonecraft and the father of their daughter Mary – to become the second Mrs Shelley in 1817 – but was also a great intellectual influence upon her.

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  • shalt

    Shakespearean London Theatres

    Peter Sillitoe, 2013

    I edited and compiled this publication as part of the AHRC-funded two-year project I devised and led to completion in 2013.

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  • darcula_penguin_classic_2


    Bram Stoker, 2003 (1897)

    I edited the first Penguin Classics edition of Stoker’s novel in 1992. This is the latest updated version.

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  • frankenstein_penguin_classic

    Frankenstein: The New Prometheus

    Mary Shelley, 2003 (1818)

    I edited the first Penguin Classics edition in 1985; this is the third updated edition

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